Who We Are

Teena Touch Media is a media-centric agency that combines PR, social media and interactive media services to help technology companies tell their story and build their brand in a way that moves their business forward. Through traditional and emerging communications channels, we garner consistent, impactful and meaningful media relations results. But thats just the beginning.

What We Do

Teena Touch Media provides strategic public relations services to local, national and global companies that are in need of immediate reactionary help, as well as long-term communications programs. Unlike traditional PR firms, Teena Touch Media builds customized programs for each unique client. Sort of like Dim Sum, but for PR. We work closely with you and your marketing team to determine what your business truly needs. If your needs change month to month, totally fine.

How We Do It

With over 16 years in strategic PR and media relations experience, we consider ourselves both old school (we'd love to dial a rotary phone with a pencil and we still use a Rolodex) and new school (we've got all the digital tools to keep abreast of news 24/7 and we keep tabs on all channels of communication). But really, it's all about storytelling. Get the right message told through the right story to the right audience. It's not just about having the media relationships (don't fret, we can name drop with the best of them), but the right pitch will result in killer media coverage. That's what we do best at Teena Touch Media.

Office: 415-310-3125
E-mail: Teena@teenatouchmedia.com

"Touch is a real technology PR pro and knows how to get results."Bill Hankes, VP of Corporate Communications, Microsoft Bing

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